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Talking Braille Products Used in Real Life

Talking Braille Products Used in Real Life

March 18,2019

Barrier-free products make everyday life for disabled people more convenient

Recently, the Jiuyi Community of Jiugongmiao Street in Dadukou District has promoted barrier-free products in the community in order to facilitate the daily life of the disabled and the elderly.

It is the introduction of these products that have solved the troubles of the disabled groups in the community and are welcomed by everyone.

Wang Yifang, 95 years old, received a special landline form the Jiuyi community. After the staff's guidance, Grandma Wang is very skilled in using the telephone. Although this phone button is quite large, it is very practical for the elderly.

Talking about this old-fashioned landline, Grandma Wang said: "Before, if I wanted to call my children, I have to take out the phone book and ask someone else to dial it. Because I can't remember their phone number and the phone buttons are too small to see the number, "

Grandma Wang said that after the community staff knew her situation, they immediately sent her the special landline. The number is not only big but also has three family buttons. If she wants to call her children, she can dial their number with one button. Its sound is also very large, there is no inaudible situation, very practical.

Dong Dazhi, a 64 years old blind man, can cook meals by himself at home. On April 12, 2012, he worked overtime until the evening accidentally fell on his way home. After treatment, his left eye vision was almost lost, and his right eye could not see anything.

He said: "At that time, every day I needed someone to take care of me, I couldn’t see anything, so I didn’t dare to move. I really thought it was falling from heaven to the ground. Not long ago, the community staff knows about my situation, and they sent me the talking braille rice cooker. It’s so practical for me."

After chatting here, Dong Dazhi showed the reporter how to cook rice by the talking braille rice cooker. After turning on the power, he poured the rice into the inner pot with the help of his wife, then put on the lid. After that there is a voice tip: "Please choose the time and the cooking mode." The reporter couldn't help but curious. He extended his hand and closed his eyes and tried it. He found that the rice cooker not only had a voice prompt function but also had braille on the button. It is indeed very suitable for residents with eye disabilities.

Dong Dazhi’s wife, Ke Yuwen, said that the community also sent a talking braille induction cooker and installed a handle in the toilet, which seemed to be inconspicuous, but greatly facilitated her husband’s life.

Following the community staff, the reporter came to the resident Gao Liqun's home and gave her a whistling electric kettle. This whistling electric kettle will sound automatically on its own alarm once the water has boiled. The signal receiver will make a reminder, as long as in the range of signal reception. You only need to plug the alarm into the socket and you can use it normally.

Seeing the staff sent her the electric kettle, Gao Liqun was very happy, she said: "It is easy to forget things when people are old. With this whistling electric kettle, I no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off the power once the water has boiled."

According to the relevant person in charge of the community, in the next stage, the community will also conduct a survey of the residents in the area, and according to the actual situation, the corresponding barrier-free products will be sent to the residents' homes.

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